E Whiti! E Whiti!

May 16, 2023

E Whiti! E Whiti! is a program teaming up school students with businesses and the real life problems they are trying to come up with solutions for. Six Avonside students participated over six days – 36 hours of learning, ideating and prototyping and coming up with epic solutions.

enCOMPASSing, a group of two Avonsiders, Zoe and Renee and one Rangiora HS student, Tynisa created a prototype app that could be placed in public places that would allow everyone access to all transport information regardless of having WiFi. Smarter Christchurch (part of the Christchurch City Council) asked them to pitch their idea to them again after the event. Awesome work Team enCOMPASSing!

Revive, a group of two Avonsiders, Emily and Tessa and two Rangiora HS students, Emily and Wiremu, created the future look of Rangiora Public library designing for the extension. Prototyping curved pods with seating and local cultural narrative running across the frosted glass frontage was a huge hit and the Waimakariri library staff have expressed a huge interested in working with the team to bring these pods to life! Stunning work Team Revive!

Edna, a two person Avonside team made up of Lilly and Katie created an interactive game to solve the problem for teenagers who suffer from Irritable Bowel Disease finding out correct information of how to cope and also communicate with their doctors and nurses. They pitched to doctors and medical specialists in Australia who have been grappling with this problem!