Payment of course fees must be made by 31 March each year. Payment options are:
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Internet Banking (ASB 123240 0108065 00) - requires a Student ID Number
  • Credit cards are not accepted
  • It is possible to set up an automatic payment to pay fees - contact the school’s main office. 

The Operations Grant (Government funding) provides for basic delivery of the curriculum. There will be a number of courses at Avonside Girls' High School that will have a request for a contribution as we want to provide enhanced learning opportunities for all students. Your support is appreciated.



Avonside has been moving progressively towards BYOD - each student brings their own device for learning at school.  Since the beginning of 2019 all students are expected to bring their own device for learning.  A Windows device is the most suitable for our environment - a Chromebook or an iPad are not able to access the learning programmes.  For more information about appropriate devices, click on this link: Devices for Learning


Year 9 

Stationery Requirements

Costs for Y9, 2019


Year 10

Stationery requirements

Costs for Y10, 2019


Year 11 

Stationery Requirements

Costs for Y11, 2019


Year 12

Stationery Requirements

Costs for Y12, 2019


Year 13

Stationery Requirements 

Costs for Y13, 2019