Each year the Avonside Arts Council organises a week of lunchtime events and activities for our students to enjoy.

year’s Arts week took place
between Monday 9th September and Friday
13th September and saw the introduction of a
few new activities and the return of some old favorites.

• Monday saw 30 students getting their hands dirty while taking part in a Clay Sculpture session. This was really popular, and students will be getting together again to paint and decorate their creations.

• Tuesday was Karaoke in the small theatre.

• Wednesday in the Avonside courtyard saw a collection of students participating in Chalk Pictionary.

• Thursday students ran the popular ‘Dancing in the Dark’.

• Friday students were entertained in the shared courtyard by a music performance.

The Arts Council
put a great deal of effort and thought into creating these
opportunities for the Avonside students
and it was really
exciting to see the new spaces coming
to life.