Held at the University of Canterbury

On June 9 students from senior Japanese classes went to the University of Canterbury for a Japanese Language Immersion Day.

This day was organised by the Japanese teachers of Christchurch and the University staff. The aim was to provide workshops focused on NCEA objectives while giving our students an opportunity to meet each other and learn together. Everyone was divided into groups and took part in three language workshops which were facilitated by Christchurch Japanese teachers.

The keynote speaker was Ms Krystal Boland who is a recent graduate of Japanese from Canterbury University. She gave an interesting and entertaining talk about her journey studying Japanese so far.

The Japanese drum group, ‘Takumi’, (including our very own Sarasa Suzuki) entertained us with a captivating performance and the day culminated with the 350 students joining together to enjoy singing and dancing as a whole group to the popular song ‘Smile Together’ by Little Glee Monster.

While our Avonside dance project didn’t manage to win the coveted ‘cup’, I’d like to give a big shout out to the Year 10 and 9 students led by Tamara Percival (Year 13) who created an awesome submission for us.

It was an educational and fun day and we are looking forward to going again next year!