This arts festival was a wonderful way to celebrate our students, their schools and community.

On behalf of the Steering
Committee, all the Kura and
Early Childhood Education Centers in the Kāhui
Ako I would like thank Victoria Shaw for orchestrating the most amazing week of artistic celebration. The depth and
variety of events
was truly amazing. How Victoria managed to organize
all the in school and ECE workshops and four evening events
is astounding. Thank you for your dedication and ability to inspire students, staff and
community at achieve something truly special.

Our Kāhui Ako is a group of seven schools (Avonside Girls’ High School, Shirley Boys’ High School, Chisnallwood Intermediate, Shirley Intermediate, Banks Ave Primary School, Shirley Primary School, and Waitākiri Primary School) and eight early childhood centers. Our vision is to create a learning community focused on seamless, high quality education. This arts festival was a wonderful way to celebrate our students, their schools and community.

After such a superb week there are many people to thank:

Arts Festival Planning Group

The Arts Festival Planning Group are a collection of teachers from across all of the schools and centres who have given up

their own time to attend meetings and also to coordinate things related to the festival in their own schools. Without their time and energy things would not have come together.

Victoria Shaw, Zara Dolan, Helen O’Connell, Brad Banks, Danielle Coulter, Belinda Walsh, Fiona Rodgers, Geoff Siave, Helen Stowers, Sue Greenwood, Wendy du Toit, Julie Brown, Judith

Bell, Jess Johnson, Miriam Foulds, Nic Hunter, Renee Watkinson.

Ako Across School Team

Thank you to the group of teachers who
work across the Kahui
Ako that have supported Victoria
to ensure that the Arts Festival
has been such a great success; Tom Davies, Joseph Houghton, Emma Smith.

Kāhui Ako Steering Committee

Thank you to the Kāhui Ako Steering Committee for their support. This includes the heads of the ECE and principals of the schools. A special mention must go to John Laurenson who is the recent past Kāhui Ako Lead Principal and has supported Victoria as the idea of an Arts Festival came to life.

The Senior Leadership Team from Avonside Girls’ High School
and Shirley Boys’ High School

This has put pressure on both secondary schools and their resources. We really appreciate all they have done to ensure the venue, music, catering, ushers, lighting, posters etc. were in place to make for an amazing week. We do acknowledge that this takes a lot of work behind the scenes.

Village Project

We thank the Shirley Village Project for their support with the Collaborative Mural. They found the space for us to permanently display in McFarlanePark and helped with permission and

processes. Bunnings have also been a great support of this community project.

Zara Dolan needs special mention. She worked with students to sort the poster and visual art images. She ended up coordinating the Community Art Project, including designing the mural

concept, gathering resources, distributing materials, collecting and putting together the end product. She also over saw the

instillation of the Visual Art Exhibition with the support of her art students. Thank you to Sue Greenwood for her support of this too.

Blake Wells, thank you for the Visual Design and advertising. You have worked well above and beyond your job description.