In the April holidays our Pasifika Studies class was privileged to take part in a programme called Tu’u Mālohi.

The Tu’u Mālohi programme is led by Daisy Lavea-Timo who is an inspiration for Pasifika women. The topics covered in this programme are identity, racism and tools to confront racism, goal setting and providing career guidance. The Pasifika studies class learnt about identity and identified some of the challenges they have faced with their culture. Tu’u Mālohi will continue to run through the school term in Pasifika Studies. Tu’u Mālohi will provide tools our ākonga can utilize when faced with challenges.

Tu’u mālohi means to stand strong in the Tongan Language. It also means to be strong. This doesn’t only mean physically but mentally and emotionally. As our children navigate their way through their journey of identity, we want to support their journey as much as we can. Tu’u Mālohi will support their journey. Tu’u mālohi is made of pasifika champions who want to provide the best opportunity for our ākonga. The team has Maria Lemalie (Deputy Principal of Christchurch Girls’ High School), Eddie Finch (Teacher at Christchurch Boys’ High School), Angie Malae (Lecturer-Education Department), Areposeta Timo (Teacher at Haeata Community Campus), Albany Peseta (Co-director of Tama Mai Saute) and Lesieli Peseta (Teacher and Dean at Avonside Girls’ High School).