Winter Sports:As the end of the Winter season has arrived and now the students are contemplating summer sports, please remember that all sports uniforms MUST be returned clean and ready to go out to the next participant.

Winter sports results are as follows:


Senior A played off for 3rd and 4th place in the Premier Plate Equal Senior B came 4th Development team came 2nd in the Second Division.


Intermediate team won the Intermediate Division 2 Section 1 grade

The Jade team came 2nd in the Intermediate Division 3 Section 1 grade.


Senior A won the Supernet Reserve Cup on Wednesdays and came 3rd in the Senior Reserve on Saturdays

F Team (Y9 B) came 3rd in the Y9 Division 3 grade

D Team (10 A) came 1st in the Division 2 Section 2 grade.


B1 team came 1st in the B Grade Division 1 Section 1 grade

B3 team came 1st in the B Grade Division 1 section 2 grade.

Congratulations to all the players.