Creatives in Schools Programme

On Tuesday 9 August Avonside launched a literary magazine, entitled Phasing, which had been created by Year 10 students through the Creatives in School programme in collaboration with writer Chelsea Houghton and AGHS teachers Lisa MacKay and Christine Rayward. The 80-page magazine was created by students during a semester course called “Writing for Change”. Students not only wrote the content but have been fully involved with the entire magazine production process. The magazine is available in both print and digital formats.

The Ministry of Education’s Creatives in Schools Project is a fantastic initiative that has enriched the learning experience for our students by funding creative practitioners, like Chelsea Houghton, to partner with our school. This funding has really enabled us to connect what happens in the classroom to the real world. By working alongside a writer, the students have seen that writing can be a career, that writing does not just happen in school, and that writing can be a powerful mechanism for change.