Tu’u Mālohi

In the April holidays our Pasifika Studies class was privileged to take part in a programme called Tu’u Mālohi.The Tu’u Mālohi programme is led by Daisy Lavea-Timo who is an inspiration for Pasifika women. The topics covered in this programme are identity, racism and tools to confront racism, goal setting and providing career guidance. The Pasifika studies class learnt about identity and identified some of the challenges they have faced with their culture. Tu’u Mālohi will continue to run through the school term in Pasifika Studies. Tu'u Mālohi will provide tools our ākonga can utilize when faced with challenges. Tu’u mālohi [...]

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Environment Council

The Environment Council are making the most of being back at school!On Saturday some of the students helped at a beach clean up at New Brighton beach, as a part of the bigger "Mother of all Clean Ups".  We are also heavily involved with a charity called Eco-Action. We grow native trees here at school which are then planted out into the red zone. We have just received our latest batch of seedlings, which we are repotting into bigger bags to give them space to grow over the next year. The first of our tree planting sessions is coming up at [...]

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Mihi Whakatau for Catherine Law, Tumuaki

Today was an important day as all of our students were onsite for the first time in 2022. It was also a significant day as we held our Mihi Whakatau to formally welcome our new Tumuaki, Catherine Law to Avonside Girls’ High School.It was quite a different looking welcome due to the rules and regulations of the Red traffic light setting however it was important to us to go ahead with an amended process that sought to reflect the awhi and manaakitanga of our kura. Sadly, Catherine’s previous kura, Hastings Girls’ High School were unable to make the journey south at [...]

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