Learning at Avonside

At Avonside Girls’ High School learning is for everyone. The school follows the New Zealand curriculum and offers an extensive range of subjects from all essential learning areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Health & Physical Education, Arts, Technology, and Languages. A broad and general curriculum in Year 9 and 10 provides a sound basis for girls moving into the senior school. Our curriculum is designed to offer students stimulating and challenging learning experiences and to ensure they are well prepared for gaining qualifications. We have a particular emphasis on developing students’ literacy and numeracy skills.

The senior school offers a wide range of subjects to cater for all students and to provide clear pathways to further study or work opportunities. Each year students are provided with a senior course booklet with detailed information on courses in Years 11 to 13. A multi-level timetable operates in the senior school to enable students to study at an appropriate level in a particular subject. The focus in the senior school is to ensure that students have opportunities to be confident and successful learners, ready to move on in the world of further education or work.

The Senior School Examination timetable for 2019 is here, these examinations take place in the week 26 - 30 August. 

Take this link to see the full curriculum: Curriculum Chart 2020

Click here to see the 2020 Course Booklet - this booklet is designed to assist you with choosing your courses for 2020.

For information on Fees, Stationery and BYOD devices, please go to the Enrolment section of our website and select the page 'Fees and Stationery'.