Senior Curriculum

Curriculum pathways at Avonside Girls’ High School are designed to prepare students for success in national qualifications, NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement).

  • Students in Year 11 learn in six subjects and work towards gaining NCEA Level 1. English, Mathematics and Science courses are compulsory in Year 11.
  • Students in Year 12 also learn in six subjects and generally work towards NCEA Level 2. English is the only compulsory subject in Year 12.
  • Year 13 students learn in five subjects to reflect the greater demands of study required at this level of the curriculum. There are no compulsory subjects in Year 13.

Our curriculum provides flexible learning pathways for students who may require more than one year to complete a particular NCEA qualification. Multi-level study in Years 11, 12 and 13 is possible.
Most subjects in the senior school have a mix of internal and external assessments.

Senior course descriptions and prerequisites can be found in the Senior Course Booklet:


Course Selection 2020 Pic