Learning Support and the Enrichment Centre

The service provided by the Learning Support Department at Avonside Girls’ High School is designed to identify and/or reduce existing barriers between an akonga and their best potential in school. These barriers may affect learning or social interaction. Therefore, if you have a concern about the progress of your tamariki, please contact either the Head of Learning Support (SENCo) Natalie Malan or Learning Support Coordinators Kirsty Clark or Angela Dye Hayes.

Essence Statement

ALL learners are supported at Avonside. These include girls, staff and whanau. We are all learners on a journey. The Learning Support team focus on what can be done to enhance learning for all.

Wherever your starting point is, and what you are seeking to learn, we are here to walk alongside you and work to ensure the key information, strategies and connections are available to you when, and how you need them.

Our team includes a Special Education Needs Coordinator (Natalie Malan, two Learning Support Coordinators (Angela Dye Hayes and Kirsty Clark), nine Learning Support Assistants and a fabulous team of volunteers.

Contact our team

Natalie Malan – nmalan@avonside.school.nz

Kirsty Clark – kclark@avonside.school.nz

Angela Dye Hayes – adyehayes@avonside.school.nz