Board of Trustees

 New Board   2019   2022

The Avonside Girls' High School Board of Trustees works in partnership with school management and is responsible for performing the governance and control functions. Specifically these include being:
  • the employer of all staff in the school
  • responsible for setting the school's strategic direction in consultation with parents, staff and students, and is
  • responsible for providing a safe environment and quality education for all our students.
  • oversight of the management of personnel, curriculum, property, and finance including all school assets.
A list of the Board of Trustees' policy documents can be viewed here.  A few key policies can be read using the links below - all other policy documents can be made available by contacting the school office.
Child Protection Policy
Class Placement Policy
Maori Achieving Success As Maori
Supporting Pasifika Students
Personnnel Complaints Policy 
The Board usually meets each month. The meetings are open to the public and are held in the meeting room at the school at 5.30pm.  Members of the public who wish to attend should familiarise themselves with these procedures. 

Board of Trustee Meeting Dates for 2019: Wednesday 20 February, Wednesday 27 March, Wednesday 29 May, Wednesday 26 June, Wednesday 28 August.

Currently the Board has nine members including five elected parent representatives (one of whom is also elected as the chairperson), an elected student representative, an elected staff representative, the principal, and the immediate past chairperson.

Any enquiries, suggestions, complaints or discussions regarding operational matters at school should be directed to the Principal in the first instance – Mrs Sue Hume.  If however your questions or comments are directly related to any of the Board responsibilities listed above e.g. our School Charter, long term property or asset management then these issues should be directed to the Board Chairperson – Mr Jonathon Brooks
Read the  AGHS Charter here.
Read the latest Annual Report here.
Read the latest ERO report here.