Values & Vision



Our Mission

To educate and empower young women to succeed now and into the future.


Our Vision

Young women at Avonside Girls’ High School are challenged to achieve personal excellence in a progressive and supportive learning environment.


Our Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Self-Discipline
  • Contribution
These values provide strong direction for the way we do things at Avonside and while we work to model each value, we also seek to develop girls' understanding of the values and support them to model them in their daily lives.

We expect all members of our school community:
  • to be respectful in their words and actions towards others
  • to respect the rights and needs of others
  • to be inclusive and respectful of individual's backgrounds, ethnicity, gifts and talents
  • to be respectful of the school property and environment, making sure that their actions make it a pleasant place for others to work and live in
  • to be respectful of the school's name, by ensuring that the uniform is worn correctly and by ensuring that words and actions do nothing to harm the school's good name