Robotics Win for AGHS

August 18, 2023

AGHS/SBHS win at Canterbury Robotics Scrimmage

Due to illness and sports commitments, it was left up to Nikita Maulgue and Danny Burke to compete at Canterbury VEX Robotics scrimmage. These are held at Burnside High School Library every three weeks so that teams can re-iterate their built robots in the intervening weeks to try and eliminate the opposition when competing. It was hard to believe that the Ōrua Paeroa team, made up of both Shirley Boys’ and Avonside Girls’ students were even going to field a robot. Everything was in bits and spread around the Library, our table, on the floor, in boxes: total carnage at 11.30am!

However, by 2pm, Danny and Nikita (both Yr 11 students) had put our ‘bot’ back together and got onto the Over and Under field. To see the game follow this link:

The scrimmages were hard, with one game ending for us when our robot was totally flipped and stuck on its back like a marooned tortoise! However, we made it through to the finals against the Blue Alliance, made up of Aō Tawhiti and St Andrews. Over the two minutes of the final scrimmage, we competed to get the tri-balls into the offensive region and then de-score their area wherever possible. It was a great effort of consistent good driving from Danny, leading to our alliance with Hillmorton High School winning the day’s competition.

If you would like to find out more, please check out Canterbury Robotics: If you would like to participate, please email