School Dress

The Board of Trustees requires the Avonside students to be in full regulation uniform. We encourage girls to take a pride in their appearance and ask that parents support the school in seeing that their daughter maintains a neat, clean standard of dress. Only the stated uniform is permitted.



 Summer Uniform

  • Dress: green check in regulation pattern and material.
  • Jersey: school red, v-necked, or
  • Cardigan: school red cardigan, or
  • Vest: school red vest.
  • Socks: white, knee-length or ankle-length
  • Shoes: brown leather shoes  (lace-up or T-bar) or brown Roman sandals without socks.
  • Hats: students are permitted to wear a sun hat in the grounds during breaks.


 Winter Uniform Kilt:

  • Hunting McKinnon tartan, the hem is to be at least 20cm above the ground.
  • Blouse: white, long-sleeved, polycotton or brushed cotton, with pointed collar either fitted or non-fitted.
  • Tie: junior - dark green; senior - red and green stripe (available from stockists and the school office)
  • Jersey: school red v-necked, or
  • Cardigan: school red cardigan, or
  • Vest: school red vest.
  • Tights: brown or dark green or
  • Socks: white/fawn knee length
  • Scarf: green/brown or green/red stripes, or plain dark green, or plain dark red.
  • Blazer: dark green  It is compulsory to have a blazer.
  • Jacket: black, available from Uniform Group (on-line)


Physical Education - Compulsory for Year 9

  • Regulation black and green dry fit Physical Education shirt with Avonside Girls’ High School logo, available from Mainland Uniforms and The Warehouse
  • Regulation black dry fit sports shorts available from Mainland Uniforms
  • Sports shoes
  • Optional – plain black track pants



  1. Jewellery is not permitted other than a wrist watch and plain ear studs
  2. Facial piercing, including the tongue, is not permitted
  3. Hair must be tidy.  If worn long it must be tied bak in practical subjects.  Hair colour must be within the natural range.
  4. Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable.  Hair bands/ties must be red, green, white or brown.
  5. If head scarves are worn for religious or cultural reasons, they must be dark green, red, or black
  6. At no time should a student wear a mixture of summer and winter uniform.
  7. Make-up and nail polish are not to be worn.