The Board of Trustees requires Avonside students to be in full regulation uniform.  We encourage girls to take a pride in their appearance and ask that parents support the school in seeing that their daughter maintains a neat, clean standard of dress.  Only the stated uniform is permitted. Students may wear any combination of the items below. All items need to be purchased from the Uniform Group to ensure they are correct school uniform – substitutions are not acceptable.

You can find the Uniform Shop 2020 Holday Open Hours here. 

You can find the 2019 Uniform Handout here.

Compulsory Items


Blazer                                       AGHS Red blazer

Blouse                                      Junior stripe (Y9-10) – short sleeve or long sleeve

                                                Senior stripe (Y11-13) – short sleeve or long sleeve

Skirt/Culotte/Trousers                Bottle Green – skirts and culottes to be worn knee length

PE Shirt                                    Green with crest (compulsory Y9-11)

PE Shorts                                 Black (compulsory Y9-11)

Socks                                       Black with red stripe


Optional Items


Jersey                                      Red with crest

Y11/12 Tie                                AGHS Green and red stripe

Y13 Tie                                     Green with red and silver

Cap                                          AGHS Black with crest

Scarf                                        AGHS Bottle stripe

Tights                                       Opaque Black

Jacket                                      AGHS Black softshell with crest (no other jackets are acceptable)

For a full price list of all uniform click here.



Black polishable leather lace up school shoes or T Bar school shoes. Shoes must be all black with no labels or other colours on them.


 Uniform Rules:

  1. Students may wear any combination of new uniform items.
  2. Hair must be tidy. If worn long it must be tied back in practical subjects. Hair colour must be within the natural range. Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable.
  3. Jewellery is not permitted other than a wrist watch and plain ear studs.
  4. Facial piercing, including the tongue, is not permitted. Only clear piercing retainers may be worn.
  5. Taonga - a bone or greenstone carving may be worn.
  6. Makeup, if worn, should be minimal and discreet.
  7. Clear or natural coloured nail polish is permitted.
  8. A plain, solid colour black or dark green head scarf may be worn for religious or cultural reasons.
  9. The soft shell jacket, hat and cap may be worn outdoors with both the new and old uniform.

 Note: Years 10 -13 students may choose to wear the 2018 school uniform or purchase the new uniform. However, they cannot mix and match uniforms.


 Uniform Group

Please see their website for opening hours/details        http://ushop.uniformgroup.co.nz/

The shop is located at: Unit 3, 403 Worcester Street

Please also see below the opening hours for the Term 3 Holidays :

Saturday 5th October        10.00am -2.00pm

Tuesday 8th October         3.00pm -6.00pm

Thursday 10 th October   3.00pm -6.00pm

Saturday 12th October     10.00am -2.00pm