Parents Cybersafety Evening

October 4, 2023

Held at Avonside Girls’ High, Small Theatre on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 @ 7pm

Kia ora koutou Whānau

Subject – Parents Cybersafety Evening

We want our schools to be a safe place.

Because of the rapidly changing times our tamariki are growing up in, and the mounting challenges and harms they are facing online we need to start talking about and tackling this as a community.

As such, we have organised Filmmaker, Author and Speaker Rob Cope, producer of the documentary “Our Kids Online” to come and give what promises to be a humorous and eye-opening evening talk to our parent community. We would request that at least one adult from each family attend, this topic is too big for us not to pay attention.

Unfortunately, this is limited to 100 seats, and it will be first in, first served. Please click on this link: to register. If you register for a ticket please ensure you attend or let the school know so they can allocated you spot to someone else.

Rob’s talk will cover:

· Cyberbullying – How bullies can reach our kids 24/7

· Social media – How social media is affecting the mental health in 3 out of 5 children. FOMO, depression, anxiety.

· Gaming and the developing brain – An oversupply of dopamine leading to dopamine deficiency, synaptic pruning, and the underdevelopment of social skills and empathy

· Naked Selfies – The pressure to send nudes from intermediate up through high school

· Online predators – The methods they use, how to spot them.

· Online porn vs healthy sexuality – How consuming online pornography as a child or teen can create a sexual template where violence, aggression, and dominance are seen as normal and consent can become very blurry


· Filters – Which filters are best and how to install them

· Smartphones – How to lock down a smartphone to make it a safe phone

· Boundaries – How to put good boundaries in place around device use

· 3 golden rules – The 3 golden rules that will keep your kids safe

· Talking to your kids – How to have difficult conversations with your kids

· Challenging our own phone and device usage – Reconnecting as a family.

Here is a promotional video for you to watch Our Kids Online Parent Evening.

The talk will be held at Avonside Girls’ High small theatre on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 @ 7pm

“We need to tackle this as a community so that all of our kids are safe. When I protected my kids online, I also protected yours, so please, please protect your kids online so that you are also protecting mine” Rob Cope.

Ngā mihi nui

Catherine Law

Avonside Girls’ High Principal


Cyber bullying flyer   PDF, 137.7 KB