Visual Arts Mural Creation

August 15, 2023

This year, the Visual Arts department introduced a new one-off semester course thanks to the Creatives in Schools programme.

This programme allows classes to get paired up with a creative practitioner, in our case multi-disciplinary artist Kophie Su’a-Hulsbosch joined a year 10 art class with the goal of collectively designing and creating a mural.

The overarching theme for this course was ‘Relocation and Belonging’. Students began with research and design development surrounding this theme is relation to the journey Avonside Girls’ High school has been on over its 100 year history, with particular focus on the more recent move from Avonside to New Brighton.

With the support of Kophie, students development their own mini mural designs from which the class discussed strengths and commonalities across individual works that should feed into the final class mural. Kophie pulled all of these ideas together into the final design, which the class then painted together.

The mural was painted a short walk offsite on the Travis road facing wall of the Santa Parade trust building where it can be seen and appreciated by passers by.